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What size classes do you have?

All classes have a max number of 10 children.  We feel that small class sizes provide the best class and our instructors develop an important relationship with each child so they can better serve their needs.


What should my child wear for class?

Please see our Class Attire requirements 


Are your costumes and choreography age appropriate?


YES! We are strong believers that both dances and costumes need to meet the student's age.  Costumes are selected to not reveal too much.  We try to avoid selecting costumes with stomach' s showing. 


When can I register?


You can register all year long.   To be part of our June Recital, we recommend registering before February 1st so we can assure that a costume can be ordered to arrive before the Recital.  

Are your teachers qualified?

Yes, all of our teachers are qualified in the field they teach.  Faculty hold Bachelors Degrees or certifications and continue their training.  


When is recital and why do I have to pay for tickets?


Our recital is held in June.  Typically we have it on one of the first two weekends in June.  We confirm our date in March.  

The cost that goes into putting a recital on is high.  Tuition does not cover recital costs.  To help we charge admission into our recital.  Ticket price depends on the cost of the recital.  Everyone, including parents pay for a ticket. 


Can parents watch?

Yes, Parents can watch.  Our studio does not have walls or windows and we feel that students do better knowing there parent is within reach.


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